Rideshare XL

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to uberxl.net. What is UberXL? Well, it’s a car, usually a minivan; those are the most popular ones, Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey that takes six or more passengers. It is the cheaper equivalent of the UberSUV. Many people that have been taking UberSUVs or Lyft SUVs will now take the Lyft plus, the six seater or the famous Uber XL that started it all, right. It’s a great, great category to make money because usually you get tips after these trips. These are usually families going to airports, a lot of people going to parties and the moment you have put luggage in that minivan or unpack it for them it usually results in tips. Now with an XL, you can drive on the X and the XL platform, on two different categories, right or you could just switch on just to XL especially on Fridays and Saturdays. You don’t have to drive the combo, you can just strictly, strictly drive XL. You’ll be super, super busy. So everything you need to know about uberXL, just go to uberXL.net. The link is underneath the video. If you want to join, if you have questions, I’m available 365 days a year. I put my email, I put my phone number underneath this video. All I request is that you text me, don’t call me at any strange time during the day or at night, just text me. I’ll get back to you. Whatever questions you have, you know, whether you want to go out and test the waters and rent one through Hertz or Enterprise. I can show you the best ways how to build out your XL business. Have a great day.

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